HANkidz | Coach Pui Yee
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Coach Pui Yee

Pui Yeen or more affectionately known by the children as Coach Pui Yee is a loving and authentic coach that is well loved by the children who comes to her class. Every class with her is a new adventure and the children keeps coming back for more.


Having more than a decade’s experience working with children in various preschools, Pui Yeen is well-versed in the kindergarten industry. She has been constantly involved in crafting new modules to suit the needs of our children nowadays and developing various ways to help children learn more efficiently.


Pui Yeen is also passionate about working with special needs children (autistic and dyslexic) and has been doing so for the past five years. She believes in instilling positive behaviours in children while they are still young.


Hence, garnering such vast experience for different fields of education, she is definitely one of our masters in understanding children’s behavior and their underlying intentions.


Pui Yeen is also a lover of arts and craft. She was the president of the art club in her schooling years and being a patient nurturer, she often uses arts and craft as well to work with the children.


Pui Yeen is the Chief Creator in our HANKidz Leadership Preschool, being responsible for all our leadership module creation as well as implementation of these modules. She also trains our amazing team of teachers to execute the classes and give the best to the children.


Get in touch with her and be inspired!