HANkidz | Coach Howie
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Coach Howie

Howie is an enthusiastic coach who constantly focuses on what is the best way to coach the children to be the best that they can be. He believes that everyone has an immense potential in themselves that can be constantly polished. Howie embodies the saying that goes; what does not grow will decay as he is always on the go to grow his own skills and capabilities as a coach.


For the past year, Howie has worked very closely with more than 90 children in various kindergartens to build their confidence, focus and ability to lead. Howie is creative and often thinks out of the box when it comes to working with children. Every class is never quite the same as ever time he continues to improvise the activities he does with the children.


As a coach, Howie believes that leading does not just happen outside but also in the comfort of home as well. Hence, he constantly follows up with the children and parents to ensure that they are able to co-create a holistic environment.


Howie is the Mirador’s Guide Programme Manager, one of our Signature programmes that builds upon children’s confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, focus and many more. He works with various coaches to continuously enhance the programme for different group of children as every child is unique and special in their own ways.


Get in touch with him today to jump start your path to be at the peak.