HANkidz | Coach Xue Yi
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Coach Xue Yi

Coach Xue Yi is the CLO (Chief Lifestyle Officer) in HANKidz. She is a passionate & dynamic coach who fascinates children through her vivid storytelling ability.


Having broken through her shyness during her childhood period, she recognises the empowerment that leadership training imparted. This drives her to continuously make a stand to create a platform where children can learn leadership skills at a very young age.


Xue Yi was a high achieving student receiving scholarship and achieving first honour for her Degree in Accounting. Besides that, she was also active in various educational and community projects.


She is also the CIO (Chief Inspirer Officer) for HANKidz Leadership Preschool, a place that aims to create memorable WOW childhood by providing the happiest place through a team of awesome teachers.


Her roles include managing and provides training to all the coaches in HANKidz and teachers in HANKidz Leadership Preschool, developing the leadership curriculum for children of preschool ages, as well as training and coaching children, educators and parents alike. Some of her recent engagements include Sri KL Music Camps, Sri KDU CCA Camp, Yelaoshr and many more.


Xue Yi love children for their authenticity and believes that leadership skills are essential for children to excel and achieve their full potential. Her motto in life is to give without expectation.


Get in touch with her today and challenge yourself to greater heights.