HANkidz | Coach Max
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Coach Max

Passionate, fun, energetic and creative, these are the words that people used to describe Max or otherwise known as Coach Maxy. Maxy believes that by having positive energy and creativity we can overcome any challenges and live our life to the fullest potential.


Having graduated from I.M. Sechenow First Moscow State Medical University in Russia, Maxy served as a doctor in Sabah for a year before he discover his true calling in working with children. His time in the hospital taught him to remain humble and to focus out and constantly help those in need.


Being a certified NLP Practitioner, Maxy uses the coaching tools that he has to coach individuals to create breakthroughs in their life. He runs various workshops that focuses on building leadership in both children and adults. For the past year, Maxy has worked with more 100 children in building their self-confidence and working hand in hand with our partners to create a holistic system where the children can unleash their full potential.


Maxy believes children are the future of the world and through building their leadership ability and creativity we can all create a world of abundance and peace.


Get in touch with him and be inspired!