HANkidz | Coach Amy
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Coach Amy

Amelia (or more affectionately known as Coach Amy) is a loving and committed coach. Children adore Amy for her ability to connect and inspire them.


In almost three years, Amy has coached more than 100 children on leadership, motivational workshops and team building activities, she believes that confidence building should happen when a child is still young. She also led our team on a very successful nationwide preschool talent competition in partnership with a nationwide known brand involving around 500 children from 50 schools.


Amy graduated with an Honor in Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetic from International Medical University. Prior to joining Hankidz, Amy trains various stakeholders in hospitals, clinics & nursing homes on nutrition-related matter. She’s also active in various community projects.


Amy’s passion is to advocate on the importance of health and nutrition for all and in every aspect of life.


As a coach, she gets to influence and inspire moms and teachers to feed the children correctly from the very beginning to create a nutritionally fit & healthier lifestyle.


Amy is also an adventurous coach who loves the amazing outdoors and always challenges herself in many ways. Recently, she has also ventured into the early children education industry as well in which she is responsible for planning out nutritious meals for children in the HANKidz Leadership Preschool. Her love for children translated into many successful performances too by her classes and she constantly find ways to outdo herself every year. As such, our partners in various kindergartens always look to Amy for fresh ideas and consultations.


Armed with such extensive understanding and practical experience in nutrition, she’s a master when it comes to coaching children on healthy living.


Contact her and be inspired to live well!